What is Windows Admin Center?

By | February 13, 2020

Windows Server 2019 is the latest server Operating System from Microsoft with tons of new features but among them, “Windows Admin Center”, which is really a game changer. Let’s see what’s new in WAC.

  • It’s Free: Yes, it’s really free for valid licensed Windows Server 2019. You can also install it in licensed Windows 10 and connect with the server. However WAC is introduced with Server 2019, but you can also manage Windows 2008 R2 (limited features), 2012 and 2016 servers with full functionality.
    • Note: By default Windows Admin Center is not installed in Windows Server 2019. You have to download it and get installed.
  • Browser-based: Although Server Manager is doing great job but this time Microsoft has integrated it with web. It doesn’t need to install any specific application and can run on any browser. It by default uses secure (https) connection and doesn’t require any Internet connection.
  • You can do almost anything and everything: WAC supports almost everything you can think of. It can manage Resource, Devices, Certificates, Events, File Explorer, Apps, Firewall, Network, Users, Groups, Process, Registry, Services, Scheduler, Server Roles and Features, Hyper-V, VM, Storage, Updates, Powershell, RDP, Cluster, HCI, Scripts etc. Anything else you can think?
  • Seamless integration with Azure: It has a wonderful connectivity with Microsoft Azure so you can easily manage your on-prem, Cloud or Hybrid IT environment.
  • Great to manage HCI: It’s fully functional to manage Hyper-Conversed Infrastrucutre. So you don’t need to buy any separate tool for that.
  • Integration with Hyper-V: You can do almost everything through browser in your virtualized environment.
  • Third party hardware extensions: No matter what server brand you are using, WAC will give your suitable extensions for that perticular brand to manage them properly. Means if you are using Dell servers, WAC will provide Dell extension to manage and monitor it.
  • At last I am attaching an official Microsoft document to understand Windows Admin Center. Hope it will help. Enjoy!

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