How to setup web page to change user’s password?

By | March 4, 2020

In small companies, generally System Administrators change User’s password on their request. But in big enterprise, it’s not possible to do in same way. As a solution, we can setup a global web page and let Users change their password by themselves. This we can do in any Windows Server, part of the domain. Let’s see how to do this.

Open Server Manager and Add roles and features.

In next screen, proceed with Role-based or feature-based installation.

In next screen, choose the local server to install the role.

In role section, select Remote Desktop Services.

Leave the next screen default.

In next screen, proceed with Remote Desktop Services settings.

In Role Services, select Remote Desktop Web Access. It will pop-up the additional settings required. Add them.

Now proceed with the IIS configuration.

Keep the default IIS settings and click on Next.

Now Install the role.

After the installation, reboot the server.

After reboot, open IIS from Server Manager.

In IIS, navigate to Server Name -> Sites -> Default Web Site -> RDWeb -> Pages. At the right pane, double click on Application Settings.

There you will find PasswordChangeEnabled option. By default it’s disabled. To modify it, double click on that.

Change the value from false to “true” and click OK.

That’s it! Your web page for password change is enabled. To access your web page, open Internet Explorer in any server and access following address:


In my case, my server name is “dc-01.devopsage.local”, so my web address will be:


Since, valid certificate is not installed in your server by default, you may get security alert. Just ignore it and proceed with the web page.

It will give you the web page where users can change their password by themselves. Isn’t it make System Administrator’s life easy? Cheers!

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